Why Use a Locksmith?

Why Use a Locksmith?

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Why Use a Locksmith?

Hardware store locks are cheap, and look pretty easy to install, so why use a security company like us?  Here are 4 tips why:

  1. Hardware store locks vs locksmiths

Gronbek Security offers other products and services based on your requirements, for a total security and safety solution. By using police-licensed, master locksmiths Perth you are ensured of the best possible outcomes. If a deadlock is not fitted correctly it is not secure and can make all the difference in an attempted break in situation.

Gronbek Security offers commercial grade locks only available through specialist dealers, combined with expert fitting services to ensure you get the best safety and protection for your home or premises.

  1. Why buy a safe from a locksmith and not a hardware store?

You may mistakenly believe your contents are secure, protected and correctly installed after buying and installing a hardware store safe. Your safe should meet your fire and cash rating requirements or be suitable to store electronic data such as discs and portable hard drives. Gronbek Security can provide you with the right information so you are able to make an educated choice on purchasing the correct safes for you.

  1. But it’s too expensive!

Gronbek Security offers excellent products from reputable brands, which are designed for ultimate security, and can recommend the best product for your budget, plus we offer a competitive price based on the service and product you choose.

  1. What else do you offer?

After reading this, you might be wondering is your home secure?  Worry not more, as Gronbek not only offer a free security check assessment, but our locksmiths are police licensed and ready to help you with your security needs.

Call (08) 9433 3311 or send an online enquiry for more information or to book a free assessment and quote for your home or business.

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