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Gronbek Security provide electronic access control systems which have advantages over many mechanical locking systems. These include RFID swipe cards, Mifare card systems, biometric readers, pin password locks, proximity cards and fobs, and wireless Bluetooth systems. The main advantage of these systems is that they can instantly identify and permit access to the correct authorised person whilst denying entry to unathorised persons. Access control systems have features such as time zones to restrict access to certain people to certain times, and provide audit trails for monitoring and reporting of events.

Borg Marine Grade Digital Lock
Borg 3175 Marine Grade Digital Lock

The Borg 3175 is a marine grade digital lock that combines dual keypads with a key override feature. The lock uses marine grade stainless steel and includes easy grip anti-ligature handles. This gate lock is designed to high standards of quality built for metal gates with 40 to 50mm posts. The self locking system is designed to be fully adjustable and built to be suitable for left or right handed gates. The two telescopic fixing screws supplied make the lock … Read More

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Lockwood Keyless Digital Deadlatch
Lockwood 001 Touch Keyless Digital Deadlatch

The iconic Lockwood 001 has been securing residential properties and commercial buildings throughout Australia for over 30 years. The external cylinder now uses a digital touchscreen keypad. This electronic deadlatch is a highly sophisticated security system that brings keyless entry through a digital touchpad.   The digital keypad accepts passcodes between 4 to 12 digits and supports up to 20 key cards that can be programmed to the lock, controlling access to only authorised individuals. The Lockwood 001 deadlatch offers … Read More

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Lockwood Digital Entrance Set
Lockwood 530 Digital DX Entrance Set

Keyless entry systems control access to a building without relying on a traditional mechanical key. The Lockwood 530 Digital DX Entrance Set is an innovative system that provides a mechanical method of keyless entry using a keypad. The system is easy to install and includes numerous safety features. One example is the inbuilt clutching mechanism which lets the outside knob continue to rotate if it is under attack. This feature prevents the knob from damaging the lock. The keypad can … Read More

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