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Choosing the right alarm system for your home and business is an important decision and many factors need to be considered. Our professional electronic technicians and locksmiths Perth have the industry knowledge and experience across all suburbs to identify weak points in your current security. Our Fremantle and Welshpool stores feature displays of our alarm systems, CCTV, quality locks, safes and related products from reputable and recommended brands.

Commercial & Residential Alarm Systems

An alarm system can add an extra mode of security to protect your premises and work well with deadlocks, window locks and solid core doors. Alarm systems also deter would be thieves and even if they do manage to gain access, it significantly reduces the time inside. Gronbek Security also offers monitoring services, where you can choose who is notified should the system be activated.

Alarm Systems Deter Thieves

Alarm systems are a great security addition to a business or home to further protect the premises. They complement good physical security such as solid core doors, deadlocks and window locks by deterring a potential thief. Alarm systems effectively act as warning devices and are available in many different forms. Gronbek Security install all types of systems from small domestic systems to larger commercial systems.

Why Do I Need an Alarm?

Alarm systems have become a large part of daily living for people everywhere. Most people are familiar with alarms at home, at work or even their friends or relatives alarm systems. However, there are still people who do not have an alarm and even think to themselves, why do I need an alarm?

The answer to this question is fairly simple, it gives the home or business owner peace of mind. When you leave your home in the morning to go to work, you know the alarm is watching your home while you are away. Or take your family business or large organisation, it is a comfort knowing the alarm system is armed and can notify you in the event of an attempted break-in.

An alarm also has a theft deterrent factor. Thieves are more likely to target a home or business with no alarm than homes equipped with an alarm. Break-in’s and theft of valuables are unfortunately on the increase however a quality fitted alarm system can reduce your risk of becoming a target.

What Type of Alarm Do I Need?

The answer to this question comes down to your individual needs. Alarms can cater for all manner of intrusion and lifestyle needs.

Automation Options - Some people like to have their alarm system provide automation options by integrating remote controls for the alarm system and garage door motors for example.

Night Time Protection - Some alarm users like to turn the alarm on while on at night time to protect them while they sleep instead of just the basic turn the alarm on while I’m away type systems. These are known as perimeter alarms.

Pet Owner - Some owners have pets and would like pet detectors installed that can distinguish the difference between pets and humans.
It is best to discuss these options with our alarm installers as they know which systems will achieve your required results now and possibly in the future when changes and / or additions may be necessary.

Maintaining your Alarm System

Maintaining your alarm system is often misunderstood by installers and alarm owners alike. Alarm systems are always on. Almost every other appliance in the home is powered down and ‘rested’ at some point. Alarms therefore are required to be very reliable and durable in the long term. However nothing is infallible and alarms are no exception. Alarms have a backup battery that keeps the alarm powered up even when the power fails. Over time that battery will lose its charge state due to chemical degradation within the battery itself.

How Long does an Alarm Battery Last?

The backup battery in the average quality alarm system will last anywhere from 5-8 years. This does not hold true in areas with a high incidence of blackouts and with alarms that ‘go off’ fairly often. The alarm cannot charge the battery as well when all its power is being used to power sirens and possibly diallers.

What is Included in my Alarm Package?

Our alarm systems cater to your needs so they are all different. However a basic alarm system will include:

✔ Control panel
✔ Key pad
✔ Passive Infra-Red Motion Detectors (PIR’s)
✔ Siren / siren box
✔ Door and window contacts
✔ Self-monitoring

Other features upgrades available are:

✔ Panic Buttons
✔ Glass break Detectors
✔ Security Monitoring Station

Why it’s Best Not to Purchase an Alarm System Online?

Most alarms systems purchased online do not come with a warranty or if purchased through an overseas site with a warranty there is a strong chance the warranty will not be viable once imported into Australia.

The quality of alarms purchased from overseas are not Australian Standards approved leaving you with a false sense of security.
You may also not be able to purchase additions to your new system or if another part is required it can be expensive. The cheap package you purchased can end up costing you a lot more.

There is a chance you could purchase the wrong type of alarm for your needs. It would be a lot easier to speak to one of our alarm installers who will recommend a suitable alarm solution.

Does my Alarm Need to be Monitored?

This is an important consideration for any alarm system installation. When making this decision you will need to consider your situation.
Will my alarm be monitored by a monitoring company or just ring my mobile phone or should I elect to not have it communicate at all?
Will you receive the message in a timely manner if only forwarded to your mobile? Maybe a monitoring station service holding multiple contact numbers may be more suitable.

What will you do if the alarm calls your phone? Attend yourself or would you prefer a security guard to attend for you?

Modern alarms do not simply use the homes telephone line to dial out and can use their own 3G dialler with a SIM card. This SIM is usually pre-paid and needs to be topped up with credit to allow the alarm to send communications. Remote diallers are more secure and prevent the home needing a dedicated voice line.

Back to Base Monitoring

When the systems are monitored back to a base monitoring station they become much more powerful as far as deterring and reporting on any activity. This is very handy when the premises are unoccupied as reporting status of the business or home is then available. The monitoring station can tell you which sensor set the alarm off. If it was an internal office sensor, it may only have been a rodent or a faulty sensor. Knowing it’s not a potential intruder trying to enter the premises via an external door, you may decide it’s not a security risk and sort the problem next time you are at the premises. This will save you a trip.

Some companies and/or private owners choose a security guard company to attend the property when the alarm is activated. The monitoring station will notify them immediately. They can also notify yourself. You choose who is notified and this can be changed at any time. One reason could be if you are going on holidays and will now not be the first point of call.

Multiple contacts can be added so if you are not contactable as first point of call, then the monitoring station will contact your second and third contacts and so on.

Back to Own Mobile (or Self-Monitoring)

To save money on monitoring some people prefer to have their mobile phone ring directly should the alarm go off. Diverting to your mobile phone can easily be achieved. This function depends on your needs. Some people carry their phone on them all the time and would be less likely to miss the call. Others find it more reassuring that a monitoring station contact them. If they can’t get you, the second then third person on the list is contacted. It really depends on your individual requirements.

Security System Specialists

An alarm system is an integral part of your home or business security. Alarm systems provide peace of mind and are a major deterrent for theft and vandalism to your property or possessions. However, an alarm is not a substitute for locking doors and windows, always remember to employ common sense in order to protect your loved ones and valuables. Once you have an alarm system installed, please remember to use it. A number of people forget to arm the alarm as they leave the premises, rendering it useless.

Gronbek Security specialise in security systems and use professional equipment for the best results. This is important to consider when selecting an installer or choosing equipment for your alarm system.

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