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Choosing the right lock system for your home and business is an important decision and many factors need to be considered. Our professional electronic technicians and locksmiths Perth have the industry knowledge and experience across all suburbs to identify weak points in your current security. Our Fremantle and Welshpool stores feature displays of our quality locks, safes, CCTV and related products from reputable and recommended brands.

Locks, Deadlocks & Window Locks

Choosing the correct lock can add an extra mode of security to protect your premises including deadlocks, window locks and solid core doors. Available from small budget price keys or combination padlocks to padlocks suitable for the most corrosive environment, and to high security commercial padlocks. Gronbek Security use only the highest quality padlock manufacturers such as Master, Abus, Chubb, Lockwood, Yale, American, Bilock and Abloy


Deadlocks come in a variety of types and sizes but all have one common feature – it is very difficult to force, wedge, push, or retract the locking bolt when they are correctly fitted and locked. They can have a key from one side (known as a single sided deadlock) or both sides (known as a double sided deadlock). Quite often insurance companies require a deadlock to be keyed from both sides and placed on all external doors.

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Why Do I Need a Deadlock?

People choose to fit a deadlock to a door for added security (harder to get into), increased safety (protecting people inside), and for insurance requirements. Depending on the policy you may not be covered if you do not have the correct deadlocks and you may get a discounted premium if you do.

Intercoms & Gate Locks

An intercom and gate lock system can provide high level security to a home or business, allowing access only to those who are authorised by the occupant. Gate locks can include deadlocks and digital locks, as well as access via an intercom system where the individual requesting access can be seen by the occupant who can decide whether to grant access.

Digital and Mechanical Locks

Digital locks security systems offer advantages over traditional mechanical locking systems and can include access using swipe cards, digital codes and biometric readers. Access is restricted to only those with the correct authorisation. Such systems can be used on homes but have also become popular for Perth businesses as they offer monitoring and reporting of events.

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