Have Total Control Over Your Site Access

with a Restricted Key System

Mining sites require a high level security to protect the valuable assets and materials onsite and in offices. Gronbek Security can develop a high security plan for your site with access control, CCTV, locks and masterkey systems. Our products meet the strict safety and security standards required by mining and industry and we can also assess your site to recommend improvements, upgrades to existing security systems or design a new plan for your site.

Why Install a Restricted Key or Masterkey System?

A restricted key system, sometimes referred to as a masterkey system, provides ultimate security for your site. Gronbek Security has worked with minesites and thousands of commercial businesses to develop and manage comprehensive and complex access systems for over 30 years. We have developed isolation and site locking systems for minesites, using only the highest quality security products which meet strict mining industry safety and security standards and have an understanding of the strict administrative procedures and protocols required.

Control: A restricted key system provides ultimate control over who can access particular areas on site. You will always know how many keys have been produced and have a key hierarchy created unique to your operation. We can set your system up requiring minimal changes if an employee leaves.

Compliance: Reduce staff safety risks by restricting access to particular areas. Many mining and industrial sites have high risk areas, with OH&S regulations in place to prevent accidents. Ensure only those who are authorised to enter workshops, production areas or onsite are granted access.

Supported: Not only does Gronbek Security maintain a register of keys along with the dates they were created, but we can provide you with software to maintain records of your restricted key system. Always have details of who holds which keys and know which areas the key can allow you to access.

Secure: Your keys can only be duplicated by the locksmith company who created the masterkey system and only at the request of an authorised person or their nominated representative, ensuring you have total key control.

Your Site Security

Mining and industry require unique solutions to protect valuable equipment and assets, as well as comply with OH&S regulations. Gronbek Security offers a range of services to develop a comprehensive security plan for your business, which can be combined with a restricted key system for ultimate security. We offer:

CCTV: Constant, 24 hour site monitoring provides a strong deterrent against theft and vandalism. We can design and install a CCTV system to suit your site, which can also allow remote monitoring.

Alarm/Security Systems: A monitored alarm system provides an excellent deterrent as well as added protection when onsite security guard monitoring is not an option. We offer a monitoring service and in the case of an event occurring, can alert your nominated contacts.

Locks: Gates, doors and windows all require locks and we can install commercial-grade locks to keep storage areas, workshops and offices secure. We also provide a large range of safety lockout padlocks as well as personal and master isolation locks, village keying systems and scissor jaws.

Access Control: Simplify access and reduce the need for multiple keys with digital locks which can be accessed via PIN or swipe card. Access control systems offer different levels of security which can be easily integrated with traditional locks and masterkey systems as well as recording entry and exit times. We can combine a key and card into one.

Let Gronbek Security Design a Security System for Your Site

Our team have experience developing, installing and maintaining high security systems for mining and industry. Call us on (08) 9433 3311 or send an online enquiry to get started. You can also visit us at either our Fremantle or Welshpool stores.

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