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Choosing the right video or CCTV security system for your home and business is an important decision and many factors need to be considered. Our professional electronic technicians and locksmiths Perth have the industry knowledge and experience across all suburbs of Perth to identify weak points in your current security. Our Fremantle and Welshpool stores feature displays of our quality locks, safes, CCTV and related products from reputable and recommended brands.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems have become more in demand than ever before. They were originally used in banks and casinos but today they have become inexpensive and affordable and are now used in small businesses, large businesses and also in homes for every day surveillance.

Visible of Covert CCTV Systems

CCTV systems are a visible or covert video system intended for only a limited number of viewers. They allow you to view and record high-risk areas to deter theft and vandalism. In businesses they are also used to control inventory, increase productivity, deter fraudulent insurance claims. They can be used to remotely monitor areas such as the exterior of a building and car park areas for staff safety.

CCTV Systems Deter Thieves

CCTV systems can provide an excellent deterrent against thieves and vandals as well as increased safety for Perth homes or businesses. Gronbek Security can identify the best locations for placing cameras around your property, both inside and external to the building. We will develop a plan for your installation and provide quality equipment based on your requirements and budget.

CCTV System Components

The components of a CCTV system include the CCTV cameras, a recording device including CCTV software, and display monitors. The quality of this equipment and the quality of the installation will make a huge difference in the results achieved, especially with regards to the picture quality and playback or monitoring.

Analogue Vs Digital

There are advantages and disadvantages of each type of system, to do with recording simplicity and quality, picture quality and price. Gronbek Security can advise on the best system for you depending on your situation and requirements. We also supply and install IP or network camera systems. CCTV technology is constantly changing and improving. Gronbek Security use quality equipment which is suitable for various conditions including areas of dark and low visibility, moisture, and dusty environments. We have professional installers who are up to date with this fast changing industry.

Get a Security Assessment from Gronbek Security

Gronbek Security provide a comprehensive security service with our combined locksmith and security tech team. We recommend combining CCTV with access control, 24/7 monitored alarm systems and master key systems. Browse our products in store, online or get in touch to find out more about our security solutions. Call (08) 9433 3311 or send an online enquiry for more information or to book a free assessment and quote for your home or business.

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