Be Informed About Your Security with Our Frequently Asked Questions

With over 30 years in the locksmiths Perth business, there are certain questions our customers often ask. Gronbek Security not only provides high quality products and professional service, but we also aim to educate homeowners and businesses about the best way to protect their property. Read through our FAQs below to find more information about our products, services and common security issues.

Gronbek Security offers commercial grade locks only available through specialist dealers, combined with expert fitting services to ensure you get the best safety and protection for your home or premises. Gronbek Security also offers other products and services based on your requirements, for a total security and safety solution. By using police-licensed, master locksmiths Perth you are ensured of the best possible outcomes. If a deadlock is not fitted correctly it is not secure and can make all the difference in an attempted break in situation.

We only sell quality safes and have over 30 years’ experience in advising and installing various types of safes. You may mistakenly believe your contents are secure, protected and correctly installed. Your safe should meet your fire and cash rating requirements or be suitable to store electronic data such as discs and portable hard drives. Gronbek Security can provide you with the right information so you are able to make an educated choice. read more

Gronbek Security are police-licensed and we can provide you with steps to take after a break in and what to do. It is advisable to call the police first, before contacting us to secure your property. We can change or replace damage locks so you know thieves will not be able to re-enter. read more

Our 24/7 mobile locksmiths can attend your home or business and get you back inside. Call (08) 9433 3311 and we can have someone attend your home promptly.

Older deadlocks require a key for the door to be opened. In an emergency, time is critical and it can be easy to misplace keys. A deadlock should have a quick release system so you are able to escape quickly.

A deadlock adds an additional level of security to your home, preventing access externally, as well as making it more difficult to leave. Should an intruder gain access to your house, a deadlock on the front door will prevent them from leaving, carrying items with them. A quick release system means when you are home, the door can be locked from the outside but ensures you are able to exit in an emergency. For additional security, the door can also be key locked from the inside. read more

Yes, we offer a wide range of deadlocks and window locks approved by insurance companies.

Rekeying or changing locks is the same process. The main fitting is kept in place while the barrels are changed. It’s best to have your locks rekeyed after a break in. However, rekeying may not be possible if the lock has been damaged beyond repair and the whole lock needs to be replaced.

Yes, this is called ‘keying alike’. We can key alike most locks on site without replacing them. For example, your front door key could also be used to open windows in your home.

We can visit your home or business to assess your current security and any upgrades or new installations you are considering. After discussing your security concerns, we can base our assessment and a quote on your needs as well as budget. If you are building or renovating, bring your house plans to us and we can provide a quote for security.

A normal household key can be cut by any local key cutter with no questions asked. A security key (also known as restricted or registered key) cannot be copied without correct authorisation and can only be duplicated by the locksmith company who created the system, giving you total control. We strongly recommend that all businesses have a registered key system.

A masterkey is a key which opens every lock on your premises, typically held by management. Masterkey systems can be designed as a key hierarchy where certain people have access to certain doors. If customers would like an extra level of security, we can offer time zone and audit trail ability.

Biometric security uses individual physical characteristics such as face, fingerprint, hand or eye to identify a person and authorise access. Gronbek Security provide the most popular type, which is ‘fingerprint’ locks.

We offer a competitive price based on the service and product you choose. Gronbek Security offers excellent products from reputable brands, which are designed for ultimate security, and can recommend the best product for your budget.

We use only quality, commercial-grade Australian-made brands including Yale, Lockwood, Gainsborough, Chubb and Ness. We also offer popular and reliable overseas brands such as Samsung, Panasonic and Abloy.

Gronbek Security offers a monitoring service for your alarm system with no lock-in contracts. Your nominated contact is alerted if your alarm is activated. You are able to choose your preferred contact, whether it is yourself, a security contact or another trusted person, and can be alerted via phone or SMS. We also offer a 24/7 mobile locksmith service.

Our team are mobile, and can service the greater Perth metropolitan area, from Yanchep to Mandurah to Mundaring. Our shops are conveniently located in Fremantle and Welshpool, where you can view a range of products and receive helpful advice. We also service minesites and WA country towns for larger customers.

Even if you have never experienced a break in, a review of your home or business security can be beneficial. Our experienced Locksmiths can provide an assessment of your property, identify weak points and advise on the most appropriate system for your needs.

Yes, we can provide meter box and gate locks to suit WA services which allows access for Synergy, Alinta Gas and Water Corporation. Their masterkey will open your lock and we can provide you with your own individual keys.

We offer a 3 months warranty on labour and 12 months warranty on most of our products.

Yes, we have a large real estate client database and are familiar with the Act and relevant regulations.