Commercial Security Made Easy

Commercial Security Made Easy

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Commercial Security Made Easy

When it comes to businesses, it’s important that your security is top of the line, as you aren’t just protecting a building, but your staff, products and information as well. Gronbek can help you to ensure that your commercial security is in the best of hands if you follow these tips:

1. Staff training and procedures
Make sure your staff are trained in emergency procedures, how to locate the entries and exits and how to successfully operate locks, security alarms and panic buttons. You can also ensure staff working late night shifts know the procedure to store stock and money correctly and limit access to cash by using a safe that is only accessible by certain people within your business.

2. Building security, interior
Ensure that your building has the appropriate Australian standards sprinkler and smoke alarm systems installed, and don’t forget to test them regularly. Well lit areas help to deter thieves, both inside and out. Your emergency plans should be accessible by staff, and floor plans detailing the emergency exits should be visible to both your staff and customers. It also helps if your staff can report any maintenance that the building may need.

3. Building security, exterior
Windows and doors will be safer with grills and shutters as well as strong locks, which our friendly, qualified commercial locksmiths can install for you. Exterior motion lighting can be a deterrent to ward off burglars as well. To be extra safe, ensure that any exterior access to your meter box and phone line is secure.

4. Security hardware
CCTV will help to ensure the safety of your business when installed both inside and out, as will an internal alarm system – remember that they both need regular testing to ensure they are working correctly.


If you have concerns about the security of your business, Gronbek security can offer you the advice you need to help ensure your commercial security. Contact us on (08) 9433 3311 or send an online enquiry to talk to us today.

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