Home Fire Safety Procedures

Home Fire Safety Procedures

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Home Fire Safety Procedures

The weather’s getting colder, and you’ve turned on the heater.  Suddenly, that annoying beeping comes from the smoke alarm again, and you try and search around for a chair tall enough so you can reach to turn it off… but then you smell smoke.

Don’t panic just yet – if you’ve followed and practiced your fire safety procedures, you’ll be able to get out safe and sound.

The Department of Fire & Emergency Services has 6 important points for you to consider when you’re developing a strategy to escape from a fire.

  • Plan for two ways to get out every room, if possible
  • Decide on a safe place outside the home for all householders to meet in the event of a fire at the letterbox for example
  • Make sure security doors can be unlocked quickly from the inside
  • Consider householders with special needs: Those who are very young, elderly or infirm
  • Consider an escape route for your pets
  • Draw an escape plan on paper, discuss it with your household and practise it once a year

Deadlocks and deadlatches don’t need to hinder your fire safety plan. Gronbek Security Locksmiths in Perth can help you to ensure that your security devices are easy to open from the inside to allow for a quick escape. If you’re sure that your home is secure, you can still book your free security assessment today, and we can show you how to maintain that security and still ensure that deadlocks don’t prevent you leaving in the case of an emergency.

Remember, you can’t escape a fire if you don’t know its happening! Ensure you’re alerted to a home fire by installing smoke alarms, testing them regularly and replacing batteries at least once a year.

Once you get outside, don’t go back in. Nothing in that house is worth your life.  When you’re outside and safe, dial triple zero from a neighbour’s house, or 112 from your mobile and state your emergency.

Call (08) 9433 3311 or send an online enquiry for more information or to book a free assessment and quote for your home or business.

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