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Selecting the right security system for your home is an important decision. Gronbek Security offers a comprehensive range of products in our Perth store locations, where our knowledgeable locksmiths can provide helpful advice based on your needs.

Our Home Security Solutions

We offer only quality, Australian and International brands, selected for their reliability and proven performance. Our professional locksmiths and electronic technicians can install a single lock or devise a complex system for your home. Solutions include

Safes: Correctly installed safes are the ultimate protection for your valuables, important documents, spare keys and cash. We can advise you on our range of safes and assist you in selecting the best one for your needs and explain the difference in cash and fire ratings so you can make an informed choice.

Security/Alarm Systems: An alarm system is your 24/7 security guard and there are various types of systems to suit the level of security you require, as well as your budget. We can professionally and correctly install a reliable system, which you know will operate when needed.

Intercoms/Gate Locks: Have control over who can and cannot enter your home. Manual gate locks can be installed at external entry points, as well as intercoms allowing you to see who is requesting access. Gates can be unlocked remotely through the intercom security system.

Door & Window Locks: For many homes, you may only want to install or upgrade your existing door and window locks. To keep it simple, our locksmiths can install single key access for all locks throughout your house. Deadlocks are an excellent security measure to prevent access, with safes providing additional internal security for your valuables.

Access Control: Home security can be improved by installing digital locks, which can be opened with a code or card. Eliminate the need to keep track of keys and never worry about a family member losing theirs.

CCTV: Monitoring systems such as CCTV cameras have become popular in Perth homes and can work well as an integrated solution with alarm systems. You can check the security of your home remotely, at any time of the day and view images should your alarm be alerted.

Building, Renovating or Moving House

The best time to consider security is before your home is built. If you are building or renovating, bring your plans to us and we can develop a security solution based on your new home layout and family needs.

For existing Perth homes, we can provide new or updated security measures. What may have been sufficient 10 or 15 years ago may be less secure now. A Gronbek Security locksmith can provide an assessment of your home security and offer a solution for door and window security, gate locks, safes and alarm systems. When moving into an existing home, you should also consider rekeying your locks as the previous owners may have a spare key they have forgotten to hand over to you.

Our residential services include a fast turnaround on quotes and work for real estate agents, landlords and property managers. We understand you need a quick response and need the job done with minimal fuss. Gronbek Security can install and repair locks and systems for single homes and units as well as strata-owned buildings for your properties across Perth.

Keep Your Family Safe with Gronbek Security

We are a family business and want to help keep your family safe. Speak with us on (08) 9433 3311 or send an online enquiry to get started upgrading and installing security for your home.

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