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Choosing the right access control system for your home and business is an important decision and many factors need to be considered. Our professional electronic technicians and locksmiths Perth have the industry knowledge and experience across all suburbs to identify weak points in your current security. Our Fremantle and Welshpool stores feature displays of our quality access control systems, locks, safes, CCTV and related products from reputable and recommended brands.

Electronic Access Control Systems

Electronic Access Control Systems can add an extra level of security to protect your premises and work well with deadlocks, window locks and solid core doors. Access Control systems can deny entry to would be thieves. Gronbek Security also offers monitoring services, where you can choose who is notified should the alarm system be activated.

Swipe Card Systems & Biometric Readers

Gronbek Security provide electronic access control systems which have advantages over many mechanical locking systems. These include RFID swipe cards, Mifare card systems, biometric readers, pin password locks, proximity cards and fobs, and wireless Bluetooth systems.

Advantages of Access Control Systems

The main advantage of these access control systems is that they can instantly identify and permit access to the correct authorised person whilst denying entry to unauthorized persons. Access control systems have features such as time zones to restrict access to certain people to certain times, and provide audit trails for monitoring and reporting of events.

Electronic Control Security Systems

Electronic Control Security Systems can protect your staff by keeping unwanted visitors out of controlled areas.
A digital access control system can provide access records be linked to a database, automatically keeping access records for security, building management and payroll verification purposes.

Access Control Vs Mechanical Locking Systems

Electronic control security systems offer advantages over traditional mechanical locking systems and can include access using swipe cards, digital codes and biometric readers. Access is restricted to only those with the correct authorisation. Such systems can be used on homes but have also become popular for Perth businesses as they offer monitoring and reporting of events.

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