10 tips for when you’re locked out of your car

10 tips for when you’re locked out of your car

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10 tips for when you’re locked out of your car

You’re in a rush and you slam the car door closed, only to look back and see the keys dangling from the ignition and your day goes from bad to worse. We’ve all been there, but here are 10 tips to make it easier for you the next time your keys are locked in your car.


  1. Try all of the doors, and the boot to see if one is unlocked. There’s nothing worse than calling someone else in, than when they open the first door they come to.


  1. If you have a spare key, keep it somewhere safe – just don’t keep it in the car. Even better, ask a friend, flatmate or family member to hold on to a spare key for you.


  1. Whenever you’re locked out avoid breaking your car windows, unless you’re in an emergency.


  1. Speaking of emergencies – what about if your child is locked in your car? Best thing to do is give Gronbek Security Locksmiths in Perth a call, and our on-road team works from 8 fully equipped service vans, ensuring that we can come to you where ever you are in Perth.  We likely have one of our mobile auto locksmiths nearby, and they can quickly respond to your emergency. If your child is distressed or non-responsive, call 000 and ask for an ambulance. If you absolutely have to break a window, break the one furthest away from your child.


  1. What if it’s your pet in the car? Just like with a child locked in your car, if you absolutely have to break a window, break the one furthest away from your pet. Before you go to the extreme of breaking a window, give our friendly mobile locksmith service a call and we can help you get your pet – and keys – out safely.


  1. If you’re on the side of the road and your keys are locked in the car, stand well away from the road and wait for help. Our mobile locksmith service in all suburbs and locations throughout Perth, and can help you get back into your car.


  1. Avoid getting locked out again by getting two spare keys made. Keep one at home and one at your work, or in a secure location at the most regular places you drive to and from. Gronbek has a huge range of replacement locks and key blanks and can duplicate and cut to code most keys including transponder keys. We have the latest in computer key cutting equipment ensuring correct and accurately cut operable keys that we guarantee.


  1. Any parent will know that it’s hard, but the best way to avoid getting locked out of your car is to stop children playing with your car keys. It’s so easy for toddlers to press the button and lock the doors, but difficult for them to understand they need to press a different button to unlock the car.


  1. Take your keys with you when you leave your car as some cars have an auto-lock function.


  1. Regularly replace the battery in your electronic key so your remote doesn’t fail after the car is already locked. At Gronbek, we can help you with your electronic car key requirements.


No matter where or why your keys were locked in your car, contact us on (08) 9433 3311 today and our team is ready to help you get back into your car.


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