6 Things to Consider when Choosing your Door Lock

6 Things to Consider when Choosing your Door Lock

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6 Things to Consider when Choosing your Door Lock

Not all doors are made the same – from wood to glass and more, Gronbek can help you decide on a lock that not only looks good, but keeps your premises safe.

Looks are one thing, but when it comes to locks, there are other factors to consider.  Working through these 6 key points will help you choose the best lock for your door.


  1. Existing hardware

Adding a dead bolt to a door that has only one locking point is a quick and easy way to upgrade your security.


  1. Door thickness

Depending on how thick your door is, you may need to look at surface mounted locks for thinner than standard doors.


  1. Looks

If your door is made of glass or has an inlay, you need to consider how the back set (that’s the distance from the edge of the door to the lock body) of the lock will look.


  1. Sliding door security

Have a sliding door that you want to make that little bit more secure?  Patio bolts provide excellent value for money and can be fitted to almost any style of door.


  1. Strike material

Glass comes into play again when considering just how you’ll secure your lock strikes.  Metal or wooden frames made an ideal securing point.


  1. Safety requirements

Fire and exit requirements exist for all buildings, and need to be taken into consideration when fitting locks.  Some apartment owners may need to consult with their body corporate to ensure that their locks can be legally fitted and will confirm with fire regulations.


If you’re unsure which are the best locks for your property, please contact us at Gronbek Security on (08) 9433 3311 or send an online enquiry to book a free security assessment for your home.

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