What is a Deadlock

What is a Deadlock

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What is a Deadlock
Deadlocks come in a variety of types and sizes but all have one common feature – it is very difficult to force, wedge, push, or retract the locking bolt when they are correctly fitted and locked. They can have a key from one side (known as a single sided deadlock) or both sides (known as a double sided deadlock). Quite often insurance companies require a deadlock to be keyed from both sides and placed on all external doors. Common deadlocks include:
  • Deadbolt
  • Deadlatch
There are other locks that 'deadlock' however the deadbolt and the deadlatch are the most commonly used. Deadbolt
  • Very common deadlock used in conjunction with a knob or lever set on a hinged door.
  • Can be single or double sided.
  • Needs to be locked manually from either side of the lock.
  • Added strength over knob/lever entrance sets.
  • Commonly the only lock on the door
  • Can be single or double sided
  • Inside can be key locked, if double sided
  • Automatically latches when closing the door
  • Always need a key to open from the outside
  • Has a holdback feature to keep the door temporarily unlocked
  • Superior strength when correctly installed
  • Stainless steel bolt
  • Safety release in case of a fire

Why do I need a deadlock?

People choose to fit a deadlock to a door for
  • Added security (harder to get into)
  • Increased safety (protecting people inside)
  • Insurance requirements (depending on the policy you may not be covered if you do not have the correct deadlocks and you may get a discounted premium if you do )
A correctly fitted deadlock can greatly add to the security of your premises. Insurance companies like them because they help limit the amount of possessions that can be removed in the event of a break-in. If a door is deadlocked then without the key, the offenders cannot leave with your possessions through that door, forcing them to leave the way they came in, ultimately restricting what they can take from the property. Never leave your keys in the back of the door lock or lying around. We strongly recommend that locks are fitted by a professionally licensed locksmith as an incorrect fitting can mean the lock may not
  • work properly,
  • deadlock correctly or
  • even lock at all
A qualified locksmith can also help you choose the best products for your requirements

Which deadlock is the one for me?

There are so many different options. The best course of action is to call one of our experienced and friendly staff at Gronbek Security on 9433 3311. Discuss what your requirements are. Everyone’s needs are unique. We need to consider:
  • What kind of door is it?
  • What is the door thickness?
  • What is the door and frame material?
  • Does the open inwards or outwards?
  • What locks/hardware/furniture is currently on the door?
  • How you want the door to function?
  • If the property is commercial or residential? (Different requirements)
  • Any special requirements i.e.
    • Meeting fire regulations
    • Disability access codes
    • Government regulations
    • Residential tenancy act
    • Insurance requirements

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