6 Social Media and Home Security Tips

6 Social Media and Home Security Tips

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6 Social Media and Home Security Tips

How many times have you enviously looked at a friend’s FaceBook status update to see that they’re going on another glorious holiday?  It turns out that you aren’t the only one looking – more and more thieves are using social media updates in order to time home invasions – so that selfie in another state, or checking into the airport to let everyone know you’re on your next getaway isn’t the best idea.

There is a link between posting on social media, and well-timed break-ins are on the rise, not just in Perth, but all across Australia.  To keep your home in good nick for when you get back from your well-deserved break, try these 6 tips.


  1. Don’t announce your plans

That once in a lifetime trip begs to be shared when you’re in the planning phase – and getting opinions from friends who’ve been overseas is a great idea, the only problem is, it’s not just your friends who see your updates.  Best idea is to meet up in person, or if it’s not possible and you absolutely must contact them, try giving them a call.  If all else fails, private messaging them to ask for the best place to get that authentic experience at your destination.


  1. Social media planning stages

You’ve packed your bags, and you’re ready to go, but before you lock up the house, there are three little things to check off your social media to-do list:

  • Set your accounts to private before you leave.
  • Make sure to remove your phone number and home address from all your profiles – yes, even your street name.
  • When setting auto-reply emails, make sure to say that you’ll be ‘unavailable’ and not ‘on vacation’ – no matter how much you want to tell everyone you’re escaping the office.


  1. The hard part – waiting

You’ve finally arrived at your destination, and you just can’t wait to take a selfie with that iconic background.  Wait till you’re home to upload it, and if you can’t, set your account to private, or only share it with people you trust.


  1. Analyse pictures

That beautiful shot of you in front of the Eiffel Tower begs to be posted, but if you’re an Australian, it doesn’t take much to figure out that you’re not home.  It’s not only the big giveaways like that which lead people to know there won’t be anyone there when they break in, but it’s also the little things, like the retail store in the background that just isn’t in your local area, or signs in a different language.  Be sure to check out the background for anything that gives away your location before you post.


  1. But, think of the kids!

Teens these days are connected in ways that we just weren’t, and it’s going to be like, super hard, for them to go on a social media blackout when on holidays.  Stay connected with them on social media to be aware of what they’re posting.


  1. Guests and more

Having family or a house sitter looking after your home, and making sure to thank them on your social media channels can be quite helpful, along with the odd photo of your neighbour’s dog on your lawn.

Sometimes the best deterrents are the ones that are on your door – strong locks and stickers that indicate a security presence might deter someone who was planning on using your holiday to their advantage.


If you’re going away and want us to have a look at your locks, Gronbek security offers free security assessment for your home.  We can’t help with the social media side of things, but we can make sure your locks are up to date.  Contact us on (08) 9433 3311 or send an online enquiry to book your free security assessment today.

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