4 Benefits of a Restricted Key System

4 Benefits of a Restricted Key System

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4 Benefits of a Restricted Key System

Security is becoming more and more critical, and with so many different types of security systems that you can use to protect your property, it can be hard to pick the right one. We’ve talked before about whether to get new locks or rekey, biometric security and how to choose a reputable locksmith, but what about the different types of security systems available?

Restricted Key System is a favourite way to keep your possessions and property safe, and only professional locksmiths have permission to create a restricted key system – by why is it so good, and how does it work? Read on to find out.


1. Restricted Copies
One of the significant features of a Restricted Key System is that duplicating a key requires formal authorisation and the duplicate can only be made by the locksmith who created the original.

Gronbek Security can also customise your keys to allow different holders different levels of access, meaning that your staff can’t access individual rooms or levels, or your apartment tenants can’t access the maintenance room. We also include universal access for one ‘Master Key’ holder, who can access everything.


2. Better Control
Through the Restricted Key System, you will always know exactly how many copies of each key have been made. The restricted or registered key system allows you to securely control the use of keys in domestic, institutional and commercial situations.


3. Accurate Record of Keys
After the required keys are cut, the details are corded accurately, and only the people you designate will be able to obtain a copy of the key. If a copy gets lost or stolen, it can’t be duplicated. Each of the keys has a unique system number used to identify the user, which helps us to provide you with a much higher level of security.

Due to the specific design of the Restricted Key System, our experienced locksmiths will create a comprehensive record for your keys that stays with us, ensuring that the possibility of unauthorised duplication can’t happen.


4. Lock Pick Resistant
The design of the keys used in the Restricted Key System means that it is much harder for the lock to be picked when compared to a standard key and lock., due to the sharper warding in the design. In this system, the keys and locks are specifically designed to be lockpick proof to eliminate the fear of an unauthorised person gaining entry to your property.


If you would like more information about Restricted Key Systems, call one of our friendly team on (08) 9433 3311 today to discuss how we can help you meet your security needs.

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