Quality Australian Gun Safes

Quality Australian Gun Safes

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Quality Australian Gun Safes

Why do I need a gun safe?

Australian gun regulations are quite strict, particularly in comparison to countries such as the USA. In Australia, you need to produce permission from officials before you can own a gun, which can be obtained if you are a hunter, a member of a sports shooting group, or work in the government.

Due to the enactment of limited gun ownership in 1996, Australia is considered to be one of the countries with the lowest rate of gun crimes, with both homicides and murders using firearms decreasing from 1996.

It is a mandatory legal requirement to have an approved gun safe to put your firearms in, as well as ensuring that ammunition is stored in a different location from the guns. Failure to do so will result in the seizure of your firearms.


Why use a gun safe?

The main reason behind the mandatory gun safe is to protect your gun from being used by unauthorised people, such as thieves, in gun crime. Gun safes, when used to store your firearms correctly, also prevent children from accessing weapons.
For more information on firearms storage, have a look here.


Where can I get a gun safe?
Gronbek offers a range of firearm safes for the secure storage of your guns, whether you be a collector or shooter. Have a look at our store for the available firearm safes.  Gronbek also has many other types of safes to choose from, but if you’re having trouble deciding which is the right safe for you, have a look here.

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