The Lockwood Paradigm 005 is designed in Australia and is constructed to offer a high degree of security for different applications. Innovative safety features include Safety Release™, LockAlert®, and DualSelect® which makes it ideal for residential and commercial settings. This deadbolt is easy to install, and is available in both round and square designs.

What differentiates this deadbolt from others is that it has been designed to achieve the highest possible security rating via the innovative Counterbalance Bolt. This feature proportionally distributes the load between the door and the friend.

● Advanced safety features
● Cut resistant stainless steel bolts
● Meets security and durability Australian Standard requirements
● Adjustable 60mm to 70mm backset
● Easy installation

Safety Release™
This feature automatically unlocks the internal knob when you re-enter, reducing the risk of being locked inside your property in case of an emergency.

The indicator on the lock allows you to determine its status at a glance. This lockset operates in three different modes: Secure, Safety, and Passage depending on the level of security you want for your property.

This deadbolt from Lockwood features a two stage external locking feature. Rotating the key 90° achieves external security (Safety Mode) while still allowing anyone inside the building to freely exit. Rotating the key another 45° to the second click enables the Secure Mode which locks both sides of the door.

● Backset
● 60 to 70mm adjustable stainless steel bolt

Door Thickness
● 32 to 48mm (32 to 36mm doors require spacer rings)

● 5 pin tumbler mechanism
● Brass cylinder and barrel

Standard Finishes
● Chrome plate
● Satin chrome pearl
● Satin chrome brushed
● Everbrass
● Satin stainless steel

● High purity zinc alloy
● Stainless steel version features 304 grade satin stainless steel

Standard Keying
● Two keys supplied per lock
● 78,000 combinations
● AS 4145.2-2008 K5

Restricted Special Keying
This Lockwood deadbolt can be keyed to a number of specially keyed systems for even more security. This can also protect against unauthorised duplication and allow for varying levels of access.

● Conforms to level S8 (Physical Security) Australian Lock Standard (AS 4145.2: 2008)

● Conforms to level D8 (Durability) Australian Lock Standard (AS 4145.2: 2008)

● Successfully tested in accordance with AS2332.3.1:2001. Neutral Salt Spray Test (NSS TEST)

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