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Abloy Cam Lock
Abloy CL104 Cam Locks

The ABLOY CL104 cam lock has been built to exceptional standards and offers the best in security for keeping your equipment safe. The CL104 is built for even the most demanding security applications from cash dispensers to parking meters and more. This level of security is made possible with the patented cylinders, strict key control, and extensive master keying capabilities. Unique Construction The ABLOY CL104 cam lock features a highly unique and innovative construction that you would be hard pressed … Read More

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Lockwood Series Cam Locks
Lockwood 670 Series Cam Locks

There can be absolutely no compromises when it comes to security. The Lock 670 Series is a high quality cam lock that features the traditional Lockwood cylinder mechanism and 90 degree rotation of the barrel. The pin-tumbler mechanism results in a strong cam lock with a range of keying options available. This cam lock can easily be installed to a new or existing keying system.   Accessories An extensive selection of cam lock accessories are available for different configurations including … Read More

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