Keeping valuables safe and secure is always a top priority for every homeowner and business owner. Anything from burglaries to natural disasters can render cash and other valuables worthless. Using a security vault is one of the best ways to keep personal belongings from cash to important documents protected.

The GEM High Security Vault is a high grade safe that is both torch and drill resistant, making it ideal for homes and especially businesses where a higher cash rating is required. This vault features 32mm locking bolts, a bolt hole facility to secure safe to the floor, a solid concrete slab door, and a concrete filled body combined with drill and torch resistant materials that delivers a construction which is extremely difficult to successful penetrate. Also provides 60 minute tested fire resistance.

Choose from either a combination or digital lock along with 4 different sizes to suit your needs. The GEM High Security Vault offers unmatched security to keep all your things safe and comes with a $60,000 recommended cash rating. The adjustable shelving inside makes it easy and convenient to arrange your belongings.

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