Fire Resistant Filing Cabinet
120 minute fire rating with digital and key lock
Chubbsafes Profile Executive offers a fire protection (from flame and heat) for the company vital documentation with its 120 minute fire resistant quality.
This professional fire resistant cabinet range comes in 4 fashionable colours which will compliment the look of all modern offices. Custom colours are also available. The drawers are full-depth and the cabinet features a digital lock and keyed push lock on the top drawer as standard.
The profile executive has been tested and obtains the NT017 (paper) 120 norms certification.
Each drawer of this Profile Executive Cabinet is individually protected from fire. A standard digital lock and AVA key lock fitted on the top drawer are provided for extreme protection against unauthorised access and theft. Data media insert is also available as an option for the protection of electronic data such as CDs, USBs, external hard drives and so on.
● Available in different colour fascias
● Available in different sizes: 2 drawer, 3 drawer and 4 drawer
● Top quality steel rail sliders for durability
● 4 different colour options, and custom colours can be ordered