Keyless entry systems control access to a building without relying on a traditional mechanical key. The Lockwood 530 Digital DX Entrance Set is an innovative system that provides a mechanical method of keyless entry using a keypad. The system is easy to install and includes numerous safety features.

One example is the inbuilt clutching mechanism which lets the outside knob continue to rotate if it is under attack. This feature prevents the knob from damaging the lock. The keypad can be easily changed to any 4, 5 or 6 digit code using the code changing kit that is provided with each lock.

The Lockwood 530 Digital DX is suited for situations where only one code is required. Electrical wiring is not necessary for this digital lockset as it utilizes mechanical operation. A double keypad version is available for keypads on both sides of the door.


Door Thickness

35 to 45mm


70 and 127mm latches are available separately

Standard Finishes

Satin chrome pearl
Polished brass

Fire Rating

This digital entrance set excluding the rubber gasket has been successfully tested on fire door assemblies up to 2 hours in accordance with Australian Standard 1905.1: 1997.

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