The Lockwood 001 deadlatch is designed in Australia and includes some of the most innovative safety features on the market including Safety Release™ and LockAlert®, offering even more reliability and security for your property.

The LockAlert status indicator shows its status at a glance and the Safety Release automatically unlocks the internal knob upon entry, minimising the chance of being locked in. This product is available in both knob and lever versions depending on what you are looking for.

Product Features
● Status indicator
● Safety release function
● Cut resistant stainless steel bolts
● 11 concealed anchorage points
● Bolt hold-back function is activated by an external key or internal knob
● Conforms to security requirements of Australian Standard AS4145.2-2008

This deadlatch can also be keyed to other door locks from Lockwood, giving it even more flexibility.

● Constructed from high purity zinc alloy

● 60mm

● Stainless steel 18mm

Door Thickness
● 30 to 45mm

● 3mm thick packers are available and installed under the lock body

● Internal and external 5 pin tumbler mechanism
● Brass cylinders and barrels

Standard Keying
● Supplied individually
● Over 78,000 key combinations

Restricted Special Keying
The Lockwood 001 double cylinder deadlatch can be keyed to a number of configurations including specially keyed systems. This helps protect against unauthorised duplication and allows for a greater level of mechanical access control.

● Everbrass
● Satin chrome pearl
● Chrome plate
● Brown

Contact us today for ordering details on this double cylinder deadlatch from Lockwood. We are more than happy to answer any of your questions or provide different security solutions for your requirements.