120 minutes fire rated filing cabinet with key and combination lock
ChubbSafes Survivafile UL 120 offers 120 minutes fire protection (from flame and heat) for critical company documentation. It features full depth drawers and is fitted with a reliable S&G combination lock and an AVA lock on the top drawer. The Survivafile UL has been tested and listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and it is a SCEC endorsed product.
The Survivafile has a liable S&G combination lock including an AVA key lock on the top drawer. You can request an extra lock to be placed on each drawer. The cabinet has been designed to create fire protection for each individual drawer. A data media insert is also available as an option for the protection of electronic data such as backup CDs, USB drives, external hard drives and so on.
● 2,3 and 4 drawers
● 2 hours fire rating
● Combination lock and key lock on the top drawer
● Card holder on each drawer for labelling
● Optional data media insert
● Optional key lock on each drawer