Deposit Safe
$5,000 cash rating, digital or key lock available.
The Chubb Omega Deposit Safe offers a secure and efficient way for small businesses and retailers to deposit cash and valuable items during working hours without having to open the safe door and putting themselves and the storage items risk. It’s the best way to deal with accumulated banknotes during the trading hours before a trip to the bank.
Each safe is constructed with a 10mm steel door, 6mm steel body, 20mm bolts (3 way movement), anti-fishing plate fitted, and 4 bolts on 3 sides of the door. The size 700 includes removable shelf. A base fixing kit is provided to anchor the safe to the floor. The safe has a light-grey door and dark-grey powder finish on the body. The furnishings of the door are chrome-plated.
● 2 sizes; size 450 and size 700
● Options of key lock and electronic lock