The iconic Lockwood 001 has been securing residential properties and commercial buildings throughout Australia for over 30 years. The external cylinder now uses a digital touchscreen keypad. This electronic deadlatch is a highly sophisticated security system that brings keyless entry through a digital touchpad.


The digital keypad accepts passcodes between 4 to 12 digits and supports up to 20 key cards that can be programmed to the lock, controlling access to only authorised individuals. The Lockwood 001 deadlatch offers a range of applications and is suitable for both residential and commercial establishments.


The touch screen has no mechanical buttons which is beneficial as it leaves no traces of PIN codes. The door can be opened from the outside but users are able to deadlock it from the inside using a key. The LockAlert indicator will switch to red to indicate that it is in this state.


The lockset can be operated in three different modes which determine its security strength: Secure, safety, and passage. For added convenience, a visual guide will assist when programming some of the key features.


The Lockwood 001 is built to high standards of quality and has been tested in accordance to Australian Standard AS4145.2-2008. The keypad is designed to be weather resistant to most conditions.



The Lockwood 001 digital deadlatch offers numerous features which include:


Secure Mode

The safety release function helps to minimise the risk of being locked inside the property by automatically unlocking upon entry.


Low Power Consumption

The digital deadlock is designed to consume little energy as it can be unlocked up to 10,000 times with a set of AA batteries. A warning indicator will appear when the batteries reach a critical level.


Codes That Expire

One unique feature of the Lockwood 001 is the ability to program a code that lasts for a preset time. This is ideal when issuing PIN numbers to visitors or other temporary personnel.


Settings Remain if Batteries Are Removed

Even if the batteries are removed or are completely depleted, the settings and codes will still be programmed into the lock.




  • Keypad case: High purity zinc alloys
  • Battery cover: ABS plastic
  • Backset: 60mm
  • Latch: Stainless steel 18mm projection
  • Door thickness: 32 to 50mm
  • Cylinder: Internal cylinder is present
  • Finishes: Chrome plate


The Lockwood 001 Touch keyless digital deadlatch is elegantly designed and simple to operate. The lockset offers effective access control for domestic and commercial applications. Contact us today for pricing details or to ask about any of the other security solutions that we offer.