Protection against burglary and fire
$45,000 cash rating, Come with digital lock
Chubbsafes – Duoguard Grade 1 is a top range burglary and fire protection safe.
The range comes with 8 variable sizes and features modern design with an ergonomic soft-touch handle that will enhance the look of any office or commercial setting.
The Duogard range is made of a strong yet lightweight torch-resistant barrier material – Dualite – making it ideal to protect your valuables against burglary and fire while holding a lighter weight for easy transportation and installation.
The safe body is certified Grade 1 protection against theft as well as S60P 60 minutes protection of documents against fire and NT017 60 minutes protection of data (when stored in a data insert) against fire.
The inside of this safe is designed to allow customised internal fitting to create a perfect storage option for cash, valuable items and important documents up to your requirements.
For extreme security, the safe door features three-way solid steel boltworks. The door can be fitted with either a quality digital lock or a mechanical key lock as primary lock options. Dual locking options are available for the size 110 and up by fitting both digital and mechanical locks or adding a combination lock to compliment the primary lock.
● Available in 8 different sizes.