Digital door locks are typically found in commercial settings and are highly effective to control access. The Borg BL2620MGBC is a digital door lock that uses a numerical code for authentication. The lock has been designed specifically for marine grade applications with a special polished chrome finish applied to the outer housing and knob which are corrosion resistant.

Installing the Borg digital lock and setting the passcode are fairly straightforward. The lock is suitable for a range of applications including low to medium usage areas. Please enquire if you require a digital lock which is to be heavily used as we have different locks to suit different applications.

● Fully mechanical marine grade digital lock
● Back to back keypads for enhanced security
● 60mm anti-thrust stainless steel latch
● 316 grade stainless steel components
● 5 layer marine grade chrome finish
● Corrosion resistant
● Fully reversible
● Suitable for 35mm to 80mm thick doors

The Borg BL2620MGBC digital door lock is built for high levels of security with an array of security features. For more details regarding this lock or other security solutions, contact us today.

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